Local Organising Committee

Dr Aidan Quinn
Dr Aidan Quinn is Deputy Head of the Micro & Nano Systems Centre at Tyndall, with responsibility for the Materials & Devices groups within the centre. His research is focused on development of integration-compatible routes for fabrication of nanostructured electrodes and devices for energy storage and sensing applications.


Dr Cian O’Murchu
Dr Cian O’Murchu holds an M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry and a Ph.D from University College Cork. He is a Researcher in the Microsystems Group in Tyndall. Recent work includes working on the development of commercial e-learning courses and the development of an infrastructure which aimed to develop an R&D structure across Europe for research and development in the area of Microsystems technology and the establishment of models for setting up ICT research infrastructures. He coordinated FP7 project ARROWS which resulted in development of a chip scale mass spectrometer for bio and food analysis and is currently coordinating the MANpower FP7 project which aims to develop a heart powered pacemaker.


Dr Alan Mathewson
Dr Alan Mathewson is a Deputy Director of CONNECT and Deputy Head of the Micro & Nano Systems Centre at Tyndall National Institute, where he has been responsible for research activity in silicon technology characterisation and modelling. He received a PhD from University College Cork in 1995 for his work in the area of CMOS Compatible Avalanche Photodiode Arrays. After a sabbatical in CEA Leti he returned to Tyndall in 2007 and assumed leadership of the heterogeneous systems integration group. Dr. Mathewson is a Senior Member of IEEE.

Scientific Programme Committee

General & Organising Committee Chair: Aidan Quinn, Tyndall

Co-Chair & Publications Chair: Alan Mathewson, Tyndall

Program Chair: Jean-Pierre Colinge, TSMC

Conference Treasurer: Cian O’ Murchu, Tyndall

Local Conference Administrator: Danny Denton, Tyndall

Exhibits Chair: Oliver Kingston, Tyndall

Tutorials Chair: Stephen Fahy, University College Cork

Student Activities Chair: Simon Elliott, Tyndall

Communications & Outreach: Rachel Power, Tyndall

Publicity & Regional Liaisons Committee Chair: Elva Hickey, Conference Partners

Theme Committees

Aidan Quinn
Tyndall National Institute

Alan Mathewson
Tyndall National Institute

Cian O’Murchu
Tyndall National Institute

Vladan Stevanovic
Colorado School of Mines

Clas Persson
University of Oslo

Ivana Savic
Tyndall National Institute

Paul Bohn
University of Notre Dame

Alan O’ Riordan
Tyndall National Institute

Ulrich Schmid
Wien, Austria

Matteo Rinaldi
Northeastern, USA

Nathan Jackson
University of New Mexico

Stefan Andersen-Engels
Tyndall National Institute

Alan Mathewson
Tyndall National Institute

Saibal Roy
Tyndall National Institute

Micheál Burke
Tyndall National Institute

James Rohan
Tyndall National Institute

Jean-Pierre Colinge
CEA/LETI, France

Huamin Li
University of Buffalo, USA

Yi Zhao
Zhejiang University, China

Alejandro Linares-Barranco
University of Seville, Spain

Alice Parker
University of Southern California, USA

Martin Trefzer
University of York, UK

Junxiu Liu
Ulster University, UK

Jim Harkin
Ulster University, UK

Liam McDaid
Ulster University, UK

Susanne Hoffman-Eifert
Juelich, Germany

Damien Thompson

Hannes Jonsson

Francesc Illas

Geoffroy Hautier
UC Louvain

Aron Walsh

Graeme Watson

Michail Stamatakis

Francesc Vines

Stefan Bromley

Fabio Sacconi
TiberLab, Italy

Stephan Menzel

Michael Nolan
Tyndall National Institute

Liam O Faoileán
Tyndall National Institute

Dr. Sandy Cochran
University of Glasgow, UK

James Spicer
John Hopkins University, USA

Xiaoning Jiang
North Carolina State University

Lidai Wang
City University of Hong Kong

Clivia Sotomayer Torres
Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Sebastian Volz
University of Tokyo

Ivana Savic
Tyndall National Institute

Plamen Stamenov
Trinity College Dublin

Dimiter Prodanov

Daniela Iacopino
Tyndall National Institute

Piero Baglioni
University of Florence

Rodorico Giorgi
University of Florence

Andrew Eckford
York University, Toronto

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1 December 2017

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28 February 2018

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29 March 2018

End of early registration
10 May 2018

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31 May 2018

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